Sushi, sights, and the way of the Samurai

An adventure in Japan is a cultural utopia. With its rich history, unique landscapes, fascinating traditions, and mouth-watering cuisine, this island nation will excite and delight you.

A journey to Japan will take you from one of the world’s largest cities, Tokyo, to tranquil mountain streams, ancient Geisha districts, and serene bamboo forests.

A first-time traveller must experience the very Essentials of Japan, starting in the capital, Tokyo, home to the Sensoji Temple, the oldest and most beautiful Buddhist temple and the Nakamise Dori, a centuries-old shopping strip selling distinctive Japanese souvenirs. We’ll also take you across the iconic bullet train and witness Mount Fuji and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Wander around temples and sip on tea with Geishas or Maikos (Geishas in training) in Kyoto; all part of our Essentials itinerary.

To experience Hiroshima, which was mostly wiped out by an atomic bomb during WWII, and to stay overnight in a traditional ryokan for an authentic cultural experience don’t miss out on our Explorer itinerary.

When to visit Japan?

If you want to get the most out of your trip to Japan, we recommend visiting during spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). The cherry blossoms in Nara typically bloom between the last week of March and the first two weeks of April, making it the perfect time to see nature at its finest.

The peak summer months fall between June and mid-September, and the rainy season usually comes from early June until mid-July.

From mid-January to March, you can expect fewer tourists and much cooler days, which means more significant savings; this is also when the snow monkeys are particularly photogenic, covered with snow warming in natural hot springs.


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    Helpful hint:

    *Best Month to visit


    • Min Stay
      10 days
    • Best Time to go
      March-May and September - November
      Snow Monkeys are best seen in the winter
    • Local Language
    • Capital
    • Currency
      Japanese Yen (JPY)
    • Time Zone
      Australian EST is 1 hour ahead of Tokyo, Japan
    • Visa
      E-visa available online or on arrival for Australians

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