About Us: Booking your private guided getaway can be challenging, especially if you are travelling to an exotic destination for the first time. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to decide where in the world you want to go.

Click and Trip is an online travel agency with work-from-home Australian-based travel experts, helping revolutionise how people book guided getaways. We provide an innovative service that streamlines even the most complex travel itineraries. Instead of being forced to book through a shop-front agent or sifting through a limited choice of pre-arranged packages, now you can book exactly what you want, when you want, on our user-friendly website. Whether it’s a multi-city trip across South America or a private guided tour of Egypt, no matter how detailed or luxurious, we’ve got your back.

By booking online at your convenience, there are no restrictions on where or when you must be available for us to help you book your trip. Whether you’re looking for a spontaneous getaway or the flexibility that group tours can’t offer, Click and Trip’s automated system delivers real-time results.

Booking your private getaway is simple:

1. Choose the destination of your dreams.
2. Click on your trip itinerary style – Essential, Explorer, or Adventurer.
3. Select your travel quality standard – Comfort, Deluxe, or Indulgence.
4. Partner with your favourite airline.

Then let Click and Trip take care of the rest!

About us- Click and Trip
Book with confidence

Knowing you can trust our team

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    Our award-winning team have over 30 years of combined experience and specialised knowledge in the travel industry, and a solid foundation of higher education qualifications.

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    To keep our pricing competitive, we have automated the entire booking experience whilst saving on overheads and passing these savings directly onto you. All airfares and costs are fully transparent.

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    Click and Trip is proudly accredited by both the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA), demonstrating our commitment to upholding global standards in aviation ticket sales and aligning with Australia’s leading travel industry body. This dual accreditation signifies our dedication to providing reliable and quality travel services within Australia and beyond.

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    We are PCI compliant, ensuring that you can trust our protected systems with your sensitive payment card information. We maintain rigorous cyber security controls to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

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    All our trip suppliers undergo vigorous quality assurance checks to provide competitive pricing, whilst a safe and memorable experience.

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    Each account access is password protected and compliant with data regulations. You can choose to store your preferences or only use your account for document downloads and changes – the choice is yours.

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    Our dedicated support team is available to all travellers for any in-destination emergency, last-minute changes or cancellation assistance.

Our travellers Love us

The online account was a great feature and had all of our travel docs as well as a great range of helpful travel tools. The trip was fully escorted and could not have gone smoother. Just amazing!


Included in every booking

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    Choose from a list of various airlines and departing airports. Or if you want to use frequent-flyer points, select the tour-only option. Either way, the choice is yours.

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    No matter what trip itinerary package you choose, each day includes a quality hotel. The choice is yours by selecting which standard you prefer, either Comfort, Deluxe or Indulgence.

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    Highlights of each destination are always included in every trip itinerary style or quality standard travel selection.

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    You are accompanied by an English-speaking private guide when visiting your destination’s highlights.  However, some itineraries may include river cruises where we cannot always guarantee a private on-land guided experience.

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    All transfers you need to connect each point of your itinerary are always included in the price. Whether by air, land or sea, we ensure you have a pleasant journey whilst travelling within your destination. Depending on your choice of quality travel standard, we use a mixture of private and local transport and car hire for self-journey trips. The safest and most suitable way of navigating your destination is always included.

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    All our trips are based on a ready-to-book solution, which means they are available in real-time. We instantly confirm your booking with our suppliers. If some hotels come back as unavailable, we provide an alternative at the same location with equal quality standards.

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    What you see is what you get! Our cancellation fees for all trips are transparent. It’s up to you how flexible you want your airfare to be.

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    Once booked, you will receive instant access to your account where you can log in and view your booking. Your personalised travel booklet with updated reservation numbers will be ready in 6 days or less.

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    Our team is always available to chat and help guide you through any changes to your booking. We are also on standby by phone and WhatsApp for any emergency care you might need, including last-minute flight cancellations and changes.

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    Every trip includes in-destination support. Depending on the destination, this could include airport assistance, meet-and-greet or other perks. All contact information is provided in your travel booklet.

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    Click and Trip is entirely automated, which means once you complete a step, the system processes your selection. All administration is processed in real time, from selecting seats to providing special requests.

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    Each trip quality standard clearly lists what is included in the price. For example, tips are not included in Comfort quality standard trips, so we provide a tipping guide where applicable. All our Indulgence quality packages include full tipping.