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Ancient ruins and gleaming beaches, sun-drenched islands, and mouth-watering dishes—this is the story of Greece.

Greece boasts a history dating back more than 2500 years, with many of its ancient sites listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The country is a haven for lovers of culture and history, with an irresistible taste of simple Mediterranean life.

From the classic white villas of exquisite Santorini to the busy capital city of Athens, the country’s magnificent and varied landscapes attract people seeking both sunshine and memorable experiences.

Greece boasts a variety of islands with golden sand beaches lapped by stunning blue seas, historic ruins, mouth-watering Greek food and inviting hospitality. A visit to this lovely nation is an experience of a lifetime that should not be missed.

For any first-timer to the beautiful islands of Greece, either our Greece Essentials or Zakynthos and Athens Essentials is an absolute must. Start with a full guided tour of the capital, home to the Acropolis, one of Athens’s architectural masterpieces from the Golden Age. Ferry across to Santorini for a swim in the therapeutic hot springs before enjoying the beautiful beaches of Crete, in our Essentials itinerary.

If you want to swap out the island of Crete for the island of Mykonos, then make sure you include the Explorer itinerary.

Add a trip to the ancient site of Delphi to witness the Temple of Apollo and the sanctuary of Athena on the Adventurer itinerary. Continue to Meteora, capture breath taking views atop these rock formations created by erosion over thousands of years, and visit some of the oldest churches from early Christian and Byzantine Eras at Meteora UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When to visit Greece?

Blessed by the Mediterranean weather, Greece offers beautiful warm summers and cold winters. The best time to visit Greece is between May and September when you will enjoy the sunshine, warm weather, and bright blue skies. We recommend visiting Greece in May, June, and September as these are outside the European summer school holidays, where you will still enjoy warm weather but fewer visitors.

The months of November to February are often chilly, and most of the islands have closed; however, most of Athens city’s attractions remain open and are delightfully pleasant. Heading into shoulder season is the months of October and March, in which you see some of the islands still open; however, cooler days make it the next best time to visit.


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    Helpful hint:

    *Best Month to visit


    • Min Stay
      7 days
    • Best Time to go
      May - September
    • Local Language
    • Capital
    • Currency
      Euro (EUR)
    • Time Zone
      Australian EST is 7 hours ahead of Athens, Greece
    • Visa
      On arrival for Australians

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