Explore and unravel the mysteries of an ancient world

Egypt is the land of the Pharaohs. It has captivated visitors for centuries with its ancient monuments, rich culture and vibrant cities.

The country is a mecca for history lovers and those who want to experience an extraordinary holiday. Dating back to more than 5 thousand years, Egypt is a country unlike any other. From the renowned Pyramids of Giza and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World to the Tomb of Tutankhamun, a trip to this magnificent land will help you draw an image of one of the world’s finest historical civilizations that ever existed.

Visit the modern city and bustling markets of Cairo and bring home the real magical Egyptian cotton carpet. With plenty of historical sites, learn the ways of the Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple from your private Egyptologist, both built by pharaohs during Ancient Egypt times thousands of years ago!

Walk with our experienced local guide through the Valley of the Kings and Queens in Luxor, gaze at ancient texts, commute through the desert, and travel down the Nile connecting the north to the south, stopping at historic sites just as the Pharaohs did, once you choose our essentials tour. If you want to add more adventure and see breath taking views over the rock-cut temples in the village of Abu Simbel, then our explorer itinerary is for you. To see Egypt from the top of Alexandria to the bottom of Aswan, all voyagers should not miss out on our adventurer itinerary to discover the hidden gems of Egypt.

If you are looking for the best way to see Egypt, that will take your breath away, then its only complete by choosing one of our fully escorted holidays.

When to visit Egypt?

Egypt’s hot and sunny weather makes it great for year-round tourism, however, most visitors choose to visit during October and April, when temperatures are mild. Tourists exploring Egypt during the summer months (June through September) will enjoy fewer people and better bargains but will have to face the blazing sun, scheduling sightseeing in the early morning and late afternoon.

Egypt’s peak tourism season begins in the winter (December through January), so expect crowds at popular tourist destinations. If you cannot escape the school holidays, March is a good month to visit with its pleasant weather and fewer crowds.


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    Helpful hint:

    *Best Month to visit


    • Min Stay
      8 days
    • Best Time to go
      October - April
    • Local Language
      Egyptian Arabic, Standard Arabic
    • Capital
    • Currency
      Egyptian Pound (EGP)
    • Time Zone
      GMT +2 hours (+3 DST). Cairo is 8 hours behind Sydney/Brisbane
    • Visa
      Australians can get a tourist e-visa online or on arrival

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