What You Need to Know Before Planning Your Next Trip- Post Covid


Post-Pandemic Travel: What You Need to Know Before Planning Your Next Trip

The world has changed significantly since the onset of Covid-19. One of the areas that have been most affected is travel. Now that countries are opening up again and restrictions are lifting, you probably can’t wait to get out there and explore again. But maybe you’re feeling a little apprehensive too.

We’ve all had to adjust to a new normal when it comes to travel, but by being aware of what to expect and planning ahead, you can make sure that your next trip is safe and enjoyable.


What to Need to Know Before Planning Your Next Trip after Covid

1. Checking country and airline regulations ahead of time

First, consider the changing restrictions and guidelines that have been implemented in various countries. Many places now require proof of a negative Covid-19 test before allowing you to enter, so it’s important to check if this is necessary for the country you’re travelling to.

Most countries have dropped their quarantine requirements, but there are still a few that require you to self-isolate after entering. And vaccination requirements may also vary from country to country. It’s best to check in advance what counts as being fully vaccinated and whether you need a paper or electronic certification.

You can look up travel restrictions by country on the Smartraveller website. However, it’s also wise to double-check with the official government websites of the countries you plan to visit, as sometimes these regulations can change at short notice.

If you’re wondering, “Do I have to wear a mask on the plane?” it’s best to check directly with your airline beforehand, as rules may vary from one carrier to another and the airports they’re flying between.

Travel in the new normal,What You Need to Know Before Planning Your Next Trip


2. Plan for longer waiting times at the airport

Another important factor to consider is the fact that travel after Covid may take much more time than usual. Airlines have implemented extra safety measures and document checks, so you may need to arrive earlier than normal for check-in.

To make the most of your time in the airport, why not consider booking a lounge? Airport lounges offer a comfortable and private space to wait and enjoy complimentary snacks, drinks or even meals. They often provide facilities like showers, charging points and Wi-Fi too, which can be incredibly helpful when travelling long distances.

One of the benefits of booking your holiday with Click and Trip is that we can book airport lounge passes for you in advance, as well as providing advice and support around visas, Covid vaccination requirements for travel, and other red tape.

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3. Make sure your travel insurance is up to date

Don’t forget to take out travel insurance that covers Covid. You should always make sure your policy is still valid and up to date before you go on any journey.

Make sure to check the wording and limitations of your policy carefully. Some policies may cover medical costs if you fall ill with the virus while travelling, while others may provide refunds for cancelled or delayed trips due to illness or a positive test.

4. Staying safe and healthy while you’re travelling

Many of the precautions we advise for avoiding Covid are the same as those we’d advise for avoiding any other illness while you’re travelling. These include:

* Washing your hands regularly and thoroughly
* Bringing hand sanitiser for when you can’t wash your hands
* Staying hydrated
* Disinfecting surfaces
* Avoiding very crowded places
* Using cashless transactions where possible and sanitising hands after handling money

Even if you’re not a fan of wearing masks in general, it can be handy to keep one spare for high-risk environments like public transport.

The risk of contracting Covid outdoors is very low, so if you’re still feeling a little anxious, you might want to opt for more outdoor activities and spend lots of time in nature. Being in the great outdoors is one of the best ways to relax and unwind, as well as reduce your risk of catching the virus.

5. Embracing the new normal of travel 

It helps to keep in mind that there are some benefits of travelling during this period too. Many destinations are still much less crowded than usual, meaning you can enjoy a much quieter and more relaxed holiday. And life without mass tourism has meant many destinations are now focusing on providing better quality experiences for visitors, as well as respecting the community and environment in which they travel.

Travelling during Covid may seem daunting and confusing, but don’t be put off. An experienced travel agent like Click and Trip can help to make sure you’re prepared so you have a safe, enjoyable journey.

Embracing the new normal of travel, What You Need to Know Before Planning Your Next Trip

With the latest information from airlines and governments, our experts are here to answer any questions you have and make sure you’re prepared for the journey ahead. We can book and manage your entire itinerary and guide you through the whole process so you can just relax and enjoy your holiday. Get in touch today and start planning your next trip!


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