So what are The benefits of booking a private guided trip?


What are the benefits of a Private Guided Trip?

Why Choose a Tour Package and Discover Boutique Destinations

Are you looking for a unique holiday experience away from the hustle and bustle of crowded tourist destinations? Do you yearn to travel but get exhausted at the sheer thought of all the research and planning?

At Click and Trip, we offer privately guided holidays to some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic destinations, with a selection of itinerary styles to suit your travel preferences and budget.

Everything will be organised for you, including accommodation, transfers, private guides, and a selection of activities at each destination. Plus, you’ll get personalised support and travel advice whenever you need it.

The benefits of booking a private guided trip

So what are The benefits of booking a private guided trip?

So why should you book a private guided holiday trip rather than arranging everything independently or joining a group tour?

Flexibility to follow your interests and explore at your own pace

While our itineraries offer a basic structure, there’s plenty of free time and flexibility to customise the trip to suit you. You don’t have to worry about missing out on seeing a specific attraction or having to keep up with a group — you can explore at your own pace and have plenty of time for relaxing, shopping, or participating in activities.


Dedicated support from an experienced guide

Our local expert guides have extensive knowledge about their destinations and will ensure your holiday runs smoothly. They also have insider knowledge of the best local attractions, the most interesting sights, and the freshest food in town.

Travelling to a new destination with a different language and culture can be daunting. This is especially the case for countries where few people speak English. Having a guide to ease the language barrier and provide cultural advice can help immensely.

Dedicated support from an experienced guide

Eliminate travel stress

By booking a privately guided holiday, all of the planning and organising are taken care of. We’ll handle every aspect of your holiday from start to finish — from airport transfers to fun best activities. There’s no need to worry about securing transport, booking excursions, or finding your way around — you can just relax and enjoy yourself.

Everything will be organised for you- Click and Trip

Access unique places and experiences

Have you ever dreamed of discovering a hidden village in a remote corner of the world? Or taking part in a traditional cultural ceremony? With a guided trip, you’ll have access to unique places and experiences that would otherwise be difficult to find or arrange.

Travel solo in confidence

Our trips are suitable for couples and families, of course. But if you’re on your own, travelling to a new destination can feel especially daunting. Our guides will make sure you feel safe and secure throughout your trip, with the added support of our Australia-based customer service team.

Hand-picked, high-quality accommodation

Booking a hotel online is always a gamble. It’s not unusual for the photos online to look nothing like the reality, and reviews left by other travellers can be hit-and-miss.

That’s why we’ve personally curated a selection of hotels, villas, and guesthouses in each destination to suit all budgets and preferences, from friendly, family-run guesthouses to luxury boutique hotels.

Individual care and travel advice

Unsure of where to start? Our support team is here to help. We’ll provide personalised advice and support throughout your holiday – whether that’s recommending a destination to suit your interests, advising you on visa requirements, or helping you to arrange a surprise for your partner.

Safe, hassle-free transport and transfers

No more stress trying to figure out the local bus system or hailing down a taxi in a foreign city. Our trips include private airport transfers and safe transport between destinations for increased peace of mind and comfort.

Safe, hassle-free transport and transfers

How much do private guided trips cost?

Our trip prices vary depending on the destination, length of stay, and the quality of accommodation. Our transparent pricing system allows you to choose the trip that best suits your budget and needs and add upgrades and extras if you wish. Check out our trip styles and standards guide to better understand what’s included in each package.

Considering guided tours vs independent travel, you might expect it to be cheaper if you book everything yourself. However, it’s worth noting that you’re getting tremendous value for money as everything is included, so you don’t need to budget extra for meals, excursions, transport, or activities.

And remember — your time is valuable too! You’ll save hours of research and planning when you book a private guided tour with us.

If you think a group trip will suit your budget better, you may be surprised to learn that many of our trips are better value than comparable group tours. This is because we’ve taken the time to source the best suppliers at the best rates to get you the best deal possible. Plus, with group travel, you miss out on the many unique benefits of a private tour.

Enjoy the best of both worlds

So are guided trips worth it? Why not take a look at some of our itineraries and see for yourself?

Our private guided trips combine the convenience of an organised tour with the freedom and flexibility of independent travel. You’ll get all the benefits of pre-organised accommodation, transport, activities, and guides without feeling like you’re being herded around. Plus, you’ll experience unique, off-the-beaten-track destinations and activities you might not have discovered on your own.

What are you waiting for? Let’s explore the world together! Contact us today to start planning the holiday you’ve always dreamed of.

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